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We are a group of enthusiastic citizens that are hoping to find a better way to engage our community in an active democracy. We cherish cultural diversity as well as freedom of opinions. We are looking forward in making an everlasting impact in our society and we hope that you can join us as well!

Camilo Silva

Visionary Innovator and Software Engineer

Camilo Silva, CEO
Jose Aliaga

Inspiring Leader and Financial Strategist

Jose Aliaga, CFO

Democracy Engagement

Our ultimate goal is to empower every single individual by promoting democracy engagement. Our imperative is to provide our leaders with an innovative solution in order to optimize their performance during the policy and decision making process. Thus, we seek to bridge the communication gap between the community and the leaders that represent them.

Legislation Tracking & Issue Matching

Provide the latest lagislation monitoring for the issues raised by the community.

Raise Awareness

Maintain high level of accountability on the issues that affect the community

Real-Time Analytics

Real-time insights of the political trends occurring are shared with the community.

Cloud Collaboration System

Our users are able to collaborate and be able to raise issues collectively.

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VoiceYourVoice is a platform that is revolutionizing how democracy is done by allowing you to raise issues of concern so that your legislators can follow up accordingly.

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